Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Democrats for McCain

Interesting - a new blogsite for Democrats voting Republican.

Quoting from the site, tominpaine.blogspot.com,

"Many Democrats seem to be going through a period of conflict over this election. They see Obama for what he is, a dishonest, snake oil salesman, unfit and unqualified to be President, throwing out one sweet talking lie after another at the political Mr. Goodbar, trying to pick up as many votes as he can get. And while most reject him, they also are recoiling over the idea of having a one night stand with a Republican, any Republican, though the guilty pleasure of having Obama lose and cheating on the cheater is too good to resist.But what they worry about the most is , how will they feel in the morning?"

Aside from Obama's unfitness for the job ( which is reason enough) the other compelling reason for an Obama defeat is to reform and fumigate the Democratic Party which Dean, Pelosi, Brazile, Chuck Schumer and others has turned into the Obamacratic Party which becomes more and more of an embarrassment every day as Pelosi's disastrous performance with the bailout bill proved.Obama is the nominee because of a dishonest primary in which these same people, along with the press did
everything possible to sell Obama as the nominee and do it dishonestly as they knew how including rigging the roll call vote violating every Democratic Party rule and procedure in the process."

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