Friday, October 17, 2008

Joe the Plummer is a Regular Guy -

Sad that the media went digging for dirt on this poor guy. Sadder still that some self-righteous bloggers are pretending that they've never had dreams or gotten behind on their bills.

I, just like Joe, am dreaming about buying a business, so I was interested in Joe's question and Obama's answer. I, just like Joe, have also gotten behind on my taxes in past years. In my case it was property taxes. All this proves is that taxes are too high for struggling families. Did I expect my neighbor to jump in and pay it for me? ABSOLUTELY NOT. We found ways to pay our own bills.

Contrary to what Obama states in his "spread the wealth" plan, taxes need to be lowered for EVERYONE and government reduced. I don't want other people's wealth. I want the room to grow myself. Businesses need a chance to thrive in order for everyone to benefit.

Leave poor Joe alone. He's just an average guy who I'd like to thank for having the guts to ask Obama the question he'd asked. It helped us all a lot to hear Obama's plan for "spreading the wealth."

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