Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama is Truly Scary

This is all getting so insane. It's terrifying. What is the Obama campaign doing?

Is the country supposed to shut down because Obama is calling a work strike for his supporters - for the sake of winning? What's going on here? This man is really scaring me more and more every day. If this is the control he is having right now - I'm really scared about what types of things he will push as president. He does appear to think he's above it all.

At the very least, he's a salesman making empty campaign promises for things he can't fulfill because there is no money to do it with. I don't like that, but I could endure it if that were the only thing to be concerned about.

But I am concerned about more. He says he's going to "change" not only America, but the entire world. That makes him pretty scary. I kind of doubt that every country wants him to be their president; to take a leadership roll in the direction their country goes or laws their country passes. (although it seems several would love to see him as a world leader.)

But what makes it particularly scary is that it appears he really does think he has the power to change the world. The power to change people. Yet half of us, and many in the world, don't want him to change us. So...there would be only one way to make his opponents submit to his vision. Many dictators, intent on making changes their opponents don't like, have used scary methods to make those changes.

I do fear a man that is comfortable around people that are comfortable with murder. I do fear a man that talks about changing America and changing the world, although half of Americans don't believe the way he does on the issues. How will he change the Americans that oppose him? How will he change the minds and behavior of me, my family and our friends?

Either "change" in America is an empty campaign promise, or he intends to hurt me. Not sure what form that hurt will take or if it will take more than one form. But that's the way I perceive it.

He's a really scary person.

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