Monday, December 8, 2008

Call Your State or Federal Legislator Today and Tell Them What to Do.

Being elected to Congress or the State Legislature is a wonderful and exciting opportunity, but it brings with it heavy responsibility.

With the pressures today's seat holders carry, it would be much easier to submit to what seems most popular rather than what is truly best. I pray that our legislators remember their constituents and what is their real needs are.

The proper care of all constituents is an extremely heavy responsibility and one that I admit I am grateful I don't have to carry. It's all too easy when under stress to give up, give in and just let something slide. They need to be reminded and encouraged to do the work your friends and neighbors want done.

Hurry now, if you haven't already, and contact your US Senator, Congressman, and State Legislator about the issues that are very important to you. They are putting bills together right now for the 2009 legislative sessions. They need to hear from you. Some states only allow their legislators to submit a certain number of bills. Make sure that your bill is one of them.

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