Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ban Prayer and All Expression in College Faculty Offices

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, two students claim that the College of Alameda cited them for "disruptive behavior" and issued suspension notices to them after they had prayed with an ill teacher in a faculty office in December 2007.

The Chronicle reports that U.S. District Judge Susan Illston ruled that the women can proceed with a lawsuit against the Peralta Community College District because students have the right to pray in private outside the classroom. Their attorney was quoted as saying that they aren't seeking damages apart from attorneys' fees. All they want is an acknowledgment of their right to pray, an apology, and all disciplinary action to be rescinded. But the district's attorneys argue that faculty offices are "places for teaching and learning and working" not "protests, demonstrations, prayer" or other disruptive activities.

How stupid that the District would try to cover their hatred toward Christians by putting prayer in the same line as protests and demonstrations in faculty offices. What jerks. If prayer is considered as disruptive as protests and demonstrations, then they need to make their rule cover everything else as well. Arguments between staff, Birthday parties, Holiday decorations, listening to the radio, personal conversations, telephone calls to Mom, and muttering under ones breath. Unbelievable.

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