Thursday, April 2, 2009

OMG! Obama and his People are Destroying US

Starting with Obama's decision to move the 2010 census into the White House where Obama's people can change the numbers, to firing an Auto CEO - the CEO of a private company - to telling companies what they can and can't do with their legal contracts, telling car companies what kinds of cars they can and can't make, telling the car companies that the White House will decide who the members of the car company board will be, and finally the bail out money that frightened banks now can not return even if they want to.

Now there is talk of mandatory "volunteer" programs for teen agers. Knowing a wide spectrum of teenagers and their personalities, I have to wonder how the government would make a "volunteer" program work; ie who would supervise it, what kind of "educating" would be included, how far they would go to enforce participation, and how much the volunteer program would end up costing.

The current social climate is more scary to me that the global warming climate.

Obama's behavior in London has been absolutely embarrassing. He thinks he's not only the king of America, but that the rest of the world should bow to him as well. I can't believe he's given the Queen of England an ipod with his speeches on it. What a self-absorbed child! His driver had also parked in such a way that blocked other vehicles from entering, including prince Charles' car! He had to be told to move it. And then Obama's wife, against protocol, put her arm around the Queen of England! The rest of the world leaders certainly seem to be irritated by Obama at this G20 conference.

Obama and his people are on a road to doing serious damage to our country. They are children playing adult. We all need to scream at our Congress people and Obama, and do it right away because they are voting on the budget today or tomorrow - and get as many others to scream as well.

For a complete list of contact information for Congress, Obama, his cabinet, and 40 top Obama aides, go to Get the Contact info and share it with your friends.

This administration is going to continue to steam roll over everyone unless people start to scream. Wake up People!

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