Thursday, April 29, 2010

Arizona Won't Demand Birth Certificates for Presidential Candidates

Rats. We were so impressed and relieved that the state of Arizona had taken the bold step of requiring Birth certificates from Presidential Candidates - but now, that bill has been set aside.

They are saying that it had only passed the State House and never would have passed the State Senate. Maybe people got cold feet after the angst concerning the Immigration bill. Too bad.

But hey - they made the right call in insisting that people be able to prove their citizenship if pulled over for a driving violation. The crime near the border has become unbearable and something had to be done. So why not be just as gutsy in requiring all presidential candidates to prove their citizenship as well? If the public has to do it, the president should, too!

We need Conservative representation that is brave enough to take the heat. Perhaps another state will step up to the plate and require all candidates to prove their citizenship when filing for office.

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