Monday, December 27, 2010

'Charter Communications' wants to know what Mom's think -

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

As the mother of seven and grandmother of two, I have strong opinions about what's okay and what's not okay to watch on TV.  Television has changed a lot in the years since I was a child, and as far as I am concerned, it hasn't been for the better.  What we have now is a corporate system that thinks it has the right to expose our children to what ever it wishes as long as it increases their profit.  Sex and foul language permeate most network and cable TV; in their programs as well as commercials.   I found that in trying raise my children to respect abstinence and teach them right living, I have been fighting a losing battle against what Hollywood and other media have chosen to teach my kids. 

Simply turn the TV off?  We've done that.  In fact, I did not change to digital when we were told to a couple years ago.  I have no need to as we have not been watching TV stations in my household for several years.  Instead we watch select videos.  We look for interesting movies - comedy, drama, and action - that don't contain objectionable material. Sometimes that means the movies are primarily older; sometimes by decades. But there is still a rare good one produced today.  We do appreciate the effort being made by some Christian entities to produce quality videos. We aren't alone. We know of many that have turned the TV off and many more are moving in that direction. Commercial advertisers, in choosing to support raunchy material, are chasing potential customers off the TV.

Still, even having done that, we've been fighting a losing battle.  First, as we remove ourselves from their demographic of viewers, we become unseen to them. Surveying what people watch rather than whether they tune in at all, Hollywood's perception of what people like is skewed.  Secondly, it's impossible to shield our children from the propaganda of raunchy media.  This is because

#1) Other parents aren't always careful.  You can't keep your kids under lock and key, and when your children visit other homes there is no guarantee they won't be shown garbage on TV or video.  I have been sadly disappointed to discover some of the things my kids were allowed to watch in homes that I had assumed knew better.

#2) Sometimes your kids are curious about what other kids talk about and will seek it out.

#3) Schools have begun showing videos in classes - entertainment videos - under the pretense that it relates somehow to their class, or because they think the kids need some kind of reward for doing something they should have been doing for no reward in the first place.  These teachers sometimes choose movies with no regard for the varying standards of parents.

#4) Even some of the most innocent appearing movies fool you. Many supposed children's films now contain bad language and sexual suggestion.  It's assumed that adolescent sexual innuendo and slapstick is funny to everyone. 

#5) And now, with Facebook and cell phones, it's even harder to protect children that in was ten years ago.

It's out of control - and those of us trying to raise our children with a sense of morals are fighting an uphill battle.

 It's nice to know that Charter Communications is taking an interest and has created a Facebook page for moms to open up and talk about what they want from TV programming.

They say they are interested in hearing what Mom's really think and have promised Moms connected with the "Charter Moms" Facebook page that they will be "First to know" about positive changes in programming. They state,

We're always looking for new and better ways to connect with you and naturally, to entertain you and your families. You'll be the first to know about new services and programming and we hope you'll help to guide us as we look to make Charter stronger than ever.

That's good to know. I hope other communication companies wake up and follow their lead.




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