Saturday, October 18, 2008

Todd Palin and Gun Rights

“I know John and Sarah will work to get the government back into the people’s hands,” Todd Palin said when he visited Scheel's Sporting Goods in Morehead, Minnesota Friday. The crowd of about 200, packed into the store, cheered and waved McCain signs as well as bumper stickers with the words, "Read My Lipstick McCain-Palin ’08.”

He went on to tell us that Alaskans share a lot of common interests with Minnesotans. “hunting and fishing and, of course, our Second Amendment rights.”

"I know Sen. McCain and my wife will continue to fight for those Second Amendment rights with your support,” he said.

He reminded us that not only is Senator McCain the only candidate that fully supports gun rights, but he’s also the only one with a plan to encourage both big and small business, which is what the economy needs. The other thing that he wanted us to remember is that should Democrats control the Senate and House as well as the Executive Branch, not only will Obama’s foreign Policy be implemented without opposition, but his domestic policies as well, including his economic and health care plans.

Finally, he told us not to mind the critics that claim that Sarah, as a woman and mother, can't do the job. "She’s been told that in every job that she’s had, running for Mayor, they told her you can’t do it because you’ve got Bristol, Track and Willow. So, any female that puts herself into politics is always going to have that criticism and so, she’s faced challenges before and at the end of the day, she always proves them wrong."

He was humble, kind, and to the point. On the drive home, one of my adult daughters commented that while listening to Senator Obama speak in a stadium earlier this year, she found it very hard to pay attention. She said Obama had good inflection when he is speaking, but his content was just too smooth. As she put it, too “politician.” On the other hand, she really enjoyed listening to Mr. Palin. He wasn’t a polished speaker, but she said that’s what she liked. He was real, and you knew that what he was saying was really coming from his heart.

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