Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Senator McCain: Only One That Will Govern from the Center.

Lanny Davis, former White House Counsel said yesterday that he gives Senator McCain credit for the bipartisanship he has shown through the years; standing up to "the right-wing base of his own party." But, Mr. Davis said, Senator McCain has not shown that willingness in the last two years as he "sought to placate the conservative and religious right base of his party."

Mr. Davis went on to claim, "Mr. Obama seems to me to have greater political flexibility to reach out and govern from the center than Mr. McCain."


Sir - you point out that Senator McCain moved right during the campaign to placate the conservative and religious right base of his party. You claim that Senator Obama is in the center. But you know just as well as the rest of us that Senator Obama has also moved to the right during the campaign in order to placate conservative Democrats as well as centrist Republicans.
The Truth - which everyone of us is well aware of - is that Senator McCain is normally in the center and Senator Obama is normally way to the left. Senator McCain is usually in the center. That’s why he chose a conservative governor for his running mate.

So the fact is, Senator McCain, as he has proved time and again in the past, is the one more likely to reach across the aisle and work with everyone. Senator Obama has a clear history of judging things right or wrong through very leftist glasses.

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