Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why The Democrats Must be Defeated This Year

Radley Balko of Reason Magazine wrote an article on Monday, Oct. 20th, titled, "Why the Republicans Must Be Defeated This Year."

Mr. Balko, you wrote;
  • “I'm not thrilled at the prospect of an Obama administration (especially with a friendly Congress)”
  • “This isn't to say that Barack Obama would be any better. Government would undoubtedly grow under his watch. And from my libertarian perspective, he has been increasingly disappointing even on the issues where he's supposed to be good. We may not go to war with Iran in an Obama administration, but we'd likely become entrenched in a prolonged nation-building adventure in the Sudan. Obama's vote on the FISA bill and telecom immunity also suggests that, for all his criticisms of President Bush's use of executive power and assaults on civil liberties, Obama wouldn't be much better.”

This wasn’t a convincing argument as to why we should vote for Obama instead of McCain. In fact, all I understood from the article is that you are mad at the Republicans. There wasn’t anything in the article to tell me why I should choose the Democrats instead.

The scariest thing you mentioned was that, “Congressional Republicans failed to rein in the Bush administration's naked bid to vastly expand the power of the presidency (a failure they're going to come to regret should Obama take office in January).”

I’m sorry, sir, your argument taught me things I hadn’t known about Obama and has convinced me that it is imperative that Senator McCain win the election.

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