Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Let us Pray

A forum comment from a man named Bill stated,
"I am a Christian and I dont agree with a lot of what Obama says, but (mudslinging is a waste of time) ...When can we look at the issues? And for other christians, have you even prayed about who you are going to vote for or do you just kind of you know already know the mind of God and who He wants to put in office. My nose is bloody and scabbed because I am face down praying for this election. And I truly feel regardless of who it is we need to be praying for our president, even if we don’t want him to be, because it’s not about us."
This is a very good point. We need to pray for God's hand in this election, trust that God is working His plan according to His will, and - if we are trusting God's hand - accept who He places and pray continually for that president.

Lord I bring this country before you. Thy will be done. I pray for all the very, very angry people on both sides of the debate. Lord, in Jesus' name, help our country to turn to You and trust You. Bring peace and understanding where there is none, and Your righteous discipline and response to sin where it is required. Lord, I pray this country will turn to You on bended knee and know that You are God. I pray for all the candidates, McCain, Obama, Palin and Biden. Lord, do whatever is necessary to bring them to their knees before you. And I pray that the person of Your choice is elected President. In Jesus' Holy name, Amen.

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