Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why is Sarah Palin our Princess Di?

Every time a Hollywood celebrity says something derogatory about Sarah, they are also saying it to me, a 40-something Christian, former homeschooling, politically active, rural, not-always-perfect mother and grandmother. When they mock her for being down-to-earth, pro-life, evangelical - and hey, even being the mom of a pregnant teenager - their words cut into our family as well.

Don't celebrities understand that in mocking Sarah, they are alienating many of people that - up until this last month - used to watch their movies?

Liberal women's organizations have never spoken for me. Even when I was a teenager, those organizations never understood or spoke for me. Hillary Clinton has never understood evangelical mom's like me. Even further, I have never cared for any of the so-called top named Christian women's leaders, either. When I have seen video's of "inspirational" Christian women speaking, I've never felt any closer to them with their poofy hair, religious dogma and perfect lives than I have Hillary.

But Sarah is different. She isn't perfect.And not only is she like me in that respect, but finally, here is a woman that knows how I feel about the issues - and feels the same way.

  • Abortion is wrong. Even during the most difficult times of my very turbulent life, aborting my children has never been a consideration. Sarah understands this. The woman's movement has never understood women like me.
  • Open up ANWR to drilling. If a few acres of American tundra can make a difference, we should be doing that rather than buying oil from overseas.
  • None of us like the war. But I do believe, as Sarah does, that McCain is the only candidate that understands what to do with Iraq.
  • Corrupt government employees - including corrupt Senators, State Commissioners, or even Troopers - need a swift boot out of office.
  • Although we have been low income, my husband vowed in 1992 not to take anymore welfare or entitlements. He made that vow and from that time until his death, he kept it - doing everything he could with his own two hands to feed us. We came to understand and agree with fiscal conservatives like Sarah. We do believe the Democratic push on the banks laid the foundation for this current crisis.
  • My husband, a member of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, fed our family through hunting. He taught our children to hunt and cut up the meat on our kitchen table. There have been times when this was our only meat. We believe in hunting and gun rights for all US citizens.
  • Yes, Creationism is something that many Americans believe in. We aren't nuts; it's part of our religion - (Remember? That thing that the first amendment allows us to have...) So when my kids come home from school, I need to re-teach them and explain that evolution is just a theory - there is no proof for it. Then I explain to them why. (Yes, as a former RN, I have an Associate in Science and can explain.) This is why many of us choose to homeschool. Something else we have a right to do.
  • And yes, I and other parents like me are glad to have a homeschool mom in high office. You see, when so many from the left mock us and try to take away our right to teach our children our faith, that's a very scary thing.
  • And Sarah believes in prayer. When I have listened to her pastors on the internet, I have appreciated them. They are no different than any of the pastors I have grown to love here in the lower forty. I am so glad that Sarah, a prayerful woman, is in the position she is in.
I have said that with the amount of mocking she has recieved from the elite, she is like our Princess Di. But she is also like our Esther. God Bless you, Sarah. We are praying for you.

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