Monday, November 24, 2008

Oberman Can Eat Cake.

What is Keith Olberman having for dinner this Thursday other than a slaughtered turkey? Why is he all tied in knots because Governor Palin was at a turkey farm just before Thanksgiving, and turkey's were being slaughtered?

Several years ago, after our family had moved from a big city out to a rural area, my husband, a member of the Minnesota Chippewa tribe, decided not to take any more government entitlements and support our family on his own. Not having much money and no longer having food stamps, commodities or WIC, we started raising chickens and goats and teaching the kids to take care of them. The kids' chores included feeding, gathering eggs, milking the goats, etc.

People came over to show my husband and I how to slaughter the chickens when it was time. This was much cleaner, kinder, better for the kids, and more satisfactory than showing up regularly to a government worker, filling out all of their intrusive forms, and taking our neighbors tax money - all to buy someone else's slaughtered chickens, etc.

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