Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Joran van der Sloot is telling the truth

I do believe Joran van der Sloot is telling the truth this time. The initial suspicion was that he had killed Natalee Holloway. Now he says he sold her.

It's easy to say he's a liar and that he's lied before. But his face is different in this interview. It's sad, not angry as in other videos. His eyes are also softer. And when he's telling his story or answering Greta's questions, he includes detail and presents it naturally.

Many of the details aren't ones that would normally come to mind if one were making the story up. He says that Natalie made no objection when the man led her onto the boat. If I were making the story up, I would have said that she was upset and fought and even screamed. I would have said that because it's what those of that have never participated in such a thing would have expected to happen. It didn't occur to me that she might drunkenly cooperate, not understanding that Joran wasn't going with and that she had been set up.

Joran's story to Greta fits all the puzzle pieces. We've long suspected that his father had paid off officials in Aruba in order to "save" his son. That was the only thing that could explain their indifference to the case.

Also, when Greta asked questions concerning his father's involvement, Joran drew back and tried to end the interview. He had wanted to confess and get it off his chest. As he said in the tape between himself and his father, he felt rotten and thought that if the girl could be found, it will prove that he'd never hurt her. But in his desire to get it off his chest, he didn't want those that had covered up for him to get into trouble. He remembered his father's admonishments concerning the amount of money that had paid to make this go away. He remembered his father's admonishment that if Joran goes down for this, it would affect him and Joran's mother as well. This after his father reminds him that human trafficking is bad. Good father.

Obviously Joran grew up incredibly spoiled.

I don't know how Greta got him to come back to the interview. Maybe Joran's desire to tell the story was just that strong. But later, after he got back to his parents, he took it all back and claimed he'd lied again. It would be expected that he would say that after he returned home and the story came out.

What he did to Natalie is beyond horrific. There is no excuse for what he did and he needs to pay the consequences, no matter what. Joran was a monster when he seduced and then sold Natalie. But I think he knows that now. His sick father, the one that spoiled him silly all his life, still doesn't.

If Natalie is still alive, I pray the Lord is with her and that she is found quickly. If she is not, I pray that she died quickly and without trauma. Either way, I pray for comfort for her parents.

And for Joran, I pray that his heart suffers and succumbs under the pressure and "rotten" feeling in his heart. I pray that through this he comes to know himself as the monster he is - that he wakes up and fully recognizes who he is. And then I pray salvation for him and everyone else involved. And I pray that the Lord takes Joran's father by the scruff of the neck and shakes the heck out of him until he wakes up and starts to feel rotten in his heart as well.

Lord in the name of Jesus, I pray Natalie is found..

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