Friday, November 28, 2008

The Sarah Palin Ad - Thank You from America

The Sarah Palin Ad

Without a doubt, people that have no respect for others will mock this ad. The people in the ad were honestly expressing the appreciation they feel for Governor Palin, but a certain number in America don't like honest people expressing themselves.

The nasty comments below the video seem to be the types of comments given by teenagers who can't stand their parents and grandparents; the kinds of kids that have never been taught to respect people that don't agree with them.

It also reflected the gap between older, rural adults and younger, urban, people.

But it doesn't matter. These were real people expressing real feelings. To heck with what anyone else thinks.

I know we're supposed to care because pundits say we can't win if we don't win young urban people. But ever since the election we've been getting nothing but pressure from the left to change. We aren't accepted for who we are and what we think. We're supposed to jump on the bandwagon and be part of the new, "united America."

I was listening to some of the pundits saying conservatives need to come to the center and forget all the Christian morality if we're ever to win back the White House. It made me sick to hear that. I thought...but even if that effort were to be successful, who would be winning the White House? Not us. Do you understand what I'm saying? Unless the Repubilcan candidate understands our values and represents our issues, we aren't winning even if the Republican wins.

Moving to the center doesn't do us any good. Being who they want us to be means nothing if in the process we lose who we are and all that we stand for.

Yes, the video was cheesy. but maybe that was because that's who we are. Simple and cheesy. so what. I love those people in the video for it. Even the little lady at the end. Because look at them - who do they remind you of? They are my grandparents, neighbors, church family, and friends. I'm proud of them.

I might be naive, but sooner or later young people grow up and realize Mom and Dad were right.

Maybe by 2012 or 2016 a certain number of Obama fans will have grown up.

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