Monday, December 15, 2008

Sarah Palin's Church torched - but no one is hurt.

Friday night, Sarah Palin's church in Wasilla was torched by an arsonist. The Wasilla Bible Church has an estimated $1 million worth of damage and the Wasilla fire chief has said that the fire was "definitely suspicious."

The anger directed at Sarah Palin during the campaign was unwarranted. Apparently, a lot of people hate Christians.

But Sarah has said to have faith in "the scriptural passage that what was intended for evil will in some way be used for good."

Pastor Larry Kroon told KTUU TV, "I've had a lot worst calls at night. When one of your parishioners dies or loses a child, it's a whole different thing than the building's on fire."

Give thanks to God for everything. Praise God for His goodness. Sarah is right, good will come out of this evil.

Please pray protection for Sarah, her family and her church and that God come against those that would try to hurt them. But also pray for those that set the fire. They must have a lot of anger and pain in their hearts to have done something like this. They really need Jesus Christ.

So many people in our country are lost without Jesus Christ. It's the only explanation for the amount of anger they have when confronted with the Holy Spirit, indwelling in a person such as Sarah. She's someone they can't touch - at least not that they can see. She doesn't react to their barbs. So they just get angrier and angrier.

Dear God, please Bless Sarah, and give her - our Esther - as well as her husband - her protector - all the strength and wisdom necessary for the job you have set before them.


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