Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Glenn Beck is wrong about many Independents

I agree with Glenn Beck on most issues and appreciate his sincerity. But he's wrong to say that independents are socially liberal and have left the Republicans because they are too conservative. That's just plain wrong. I'm a socially conservative independent who drifted away from the Republican Party because they aren't conservative enough, and there are many of us who have done so.

I think his guest, who wrote the book "independent nation," must be socially liberal and saw what he wanted to see in the independent movement. Either that, or he's claiming they are liberal because that's the what he wants us to think.

It is wrong for Glenn and his guest to assume that many of the Tea Party participants are socially liberal. There were no polls taken on those issues at the Tea Parties, which were billed as non-partisan so as not to make the social controversies an issue. So it's impossible for Glen to assume that most of the participants were socially liberal.

Many of the Participants that I know are socially conservative. And many have left the Republican party because it isn't conservative enough. That's what being independent is all about. We're independent. Being "independent" isn't a party with a platform. You CAN'T label us one way or the other.

Being independent means that when we do vote, we vote for the person we think will represent us the best, no matter what party they are in. So it turned my stomach to hear Beck and his guest say that independents like Barak Obama. Not any of the independents I know. We don't like him on any aspect of the issues. We liked Sarah Palin. Some of us left the Republican Party because of the way they treated her. There are other Republican governors that we like as well, and we might still yet vote for them in the next elections. But the party and its leadership -phooey. We 're done with them.

If Glenn wants to claim the independents as a group that are in agreement with him on social issues, (as he refered to independents as "we"), then maybe those of us that are socially conservative will just have to find a different name for ourselves. Glenn - Don't worry about us co-opting what you feel is your movement. But we aren't going to become liberal simply because it is claimed that this is what independents are. We want someone to represent us that is truly conservative.

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