Monday, June 1, 2009

Gas Prices Shoot Up

According to the national Lundberg Survey released Sunday, U.S. price of gasoline jumped 19 cents a gallon during the past two weeks.

We all knew it was too good to last. What is their excuse this time? Interesting to note, gas prices plunged after Bush opened up off-shore drilling in September. Gas prices began shooting up again after Obama closed off-shore drilling.

Despite claims from the left that off-shore drilling is dangerous to beaches and wildlife, industry specialists say improved technology has made drilling safe. According to a July 2008 USA Today article by Sean Gardner, the "Coast Guard reports that the amount of oil spilled in U.S. waters dropped from 3.6 million barrels in the 1970s to less than 500,000 in the 1990s" and "a report by the National Research Council found that offshore oil and gas drilling was responsible for just 2% of the petroleum in North America's oceans, compared with 63% from natural seepage and 22% from municipal and industrial waste."

USA Today reported that during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, 115 oil platforms were toppled, but only insignificant amounts of oil spilled.

"Offshore drilling is the safest way to go," a specialist was quoted.

So what are the real reasons Obama and the Dems are opposing it? Who are they helping this time?

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