Monday, July 6, 2009

Done with Michael Jackson

Enough Already.

Yes, he was a fantastic entertainer. Yes, he was probably the best at the business for many years.

And yes, I have felt sorry for him.

But no, he wasn't a god. And get honest. For over a decade he's been the brunt of jokes because he DID rub many people the wrong way.

So I respect his talent, and I'm sorry he had a rough life. I pray he is in a better place, although I'm not one of those that thinks everyone is automatically. Maybe he took some repentive steps to get there, maybe he didn't.

But I'm not interested in hearing anymore about it. I've got other, well, more important things to pay attention to, and when I turn on the news, I'd like to see some current news. No more about Michael Jackson, please.


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