Saturday, July 4, 2009

McCain Can Rot

You know, I campaigned against McCain years ago during his first run for President. I thought at that time that he was an opportunist with little real sense of conviction on issues. I especially disliked him for his attempts to sell out my children to tribal government, with his efforts to make the Indian Child Welfare Act even more anti-family, pro-government (making it harder for families of heritage to choose to keep their children off the reservation).

When the campaigning for 2008 first began, McCain was still the last of my Republican choices. My first choice was Duncan Hunter. When all the good guys began bowing out and it was whittled down to McCain, I didn't know what to do. I figured I wouldn't vote in the election at all.

Then came Sarah. She is the only reason I and many others voted at all in the election.

So to have McCain and his people first do their best to mess her up; refusing to allow her to speak as she needed to, and then spreading rumors to make her look like a fool, and now continually blaming Sarah for their ultimate failure - it's beyond belief.

I will never consider McCain as any type of leader again, no matter WHO he chooses as a running mate. In the first place, I wouldn't want to see him do a number on another good person, as he has done with Sarah. I think anyone should be leary of connecting with him again after seeing how quickly and easily he threw Sarah "under the bus" (as they are so fond of saying.)

I have absolutely no respect for McCain - I don't care how many years he stayed in a POW camp. Maybe he had character at that time in his life - but he certainly doesn't have it now. Further, his stupid daughter, with all her attacks on Palin, needs to realize she will never hold a candle to Sarah. She is no where near the woman of integrity and strength that Sarah is.

She and her father should crawl back under a rock. And take his campaign staff with them.

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