Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ridding History of Inconvenient Truth: Wikipedia Editor erased Climate History online

Can it get any better than this? "A British scientist and Wikipedia administrator rewrote climate history, editing more than 5,000 unique articles in the online encyclopedia to cover traces of a medieval warming period – something that Climategate scientists saw as a major roadblock in the effort to spread the global warming message."

Right; don't let Truth, Fact and History get in the way.

Can't have any inconvenient truths around, now, can we.

The University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit, according to the famous leaked emails, was apparently trying to brush aside the 'Medieval Warm Period,' a 400-year era that began around A.D. 1000.

Keith Briffa, a researcher, said in a 1999 e-mail, "I know there is pressure to present a nice tidy story as regards 'apparent unprecedented warming in a thousand years or more in the proxy data' but in reality the situation is not quite so simple. … I believe that the recent warmth was probably matched about 1,000 years ago."

However, anyone bringing up the fact that climate change is cyclical was ignored. The famous Hockey stick graph was published again and again showing stable temperatures over the last 1,000 years, omitting any indication of a warming period.

What I don't get is - why? I've heard that money is to be gained; it certainly does look like Gore, at the very least, has made a good living off of this fraud. Apparently, there was lots of Climate Research grants available, and these "scientists" wanted to make sure they got it and that it kept coming. They created a "problem" - a reason for their paycheck.

What a great system we have.

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