Monday, May 3, 2010

Teen gets 40 Years in Border Agent's Murder

The border agent, Robert Rosas, was shot several times in the head, from behind and while lying on the ground, during a Robbery attempt.

The teen and others "lured Rosas out of his Border Patrol vehicle by leaving footprints on a dirt road, shaking bushes and making noises," according to prosecutors. Rosas was ambushed about 100 yards from the border. Rosa was patrolling alone.

When are our elected officials in Congress going to do their jobs? Their job was not to force us into universal health care. Their job is not to take over auto companies and banks. Their job is to get off their fannies and protect our borders.

Lord Jesus, please help us to replace most of Congress this Fall, and put in place people that are willing to follow the constitution and do their jobs. Please help us to protect our citizens.

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